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Course number: N879

Course title: User-Centered Analysis and Design of Health Care Information Systems and Interfaces

Semester: Fall 2019


N879 is considered the first and only user-centered analysis and design course with a healthcare concentration and is geared towards future clinicians, health informaticians , and public health professionals.

The course combines user-centered design theories, the science of systems analysis and design, and usability in health care, supported by real-world exercises in a simulated environment. The course is taught by Dr. Saif Khairat, PhD, a user-centered design expert, who is known for his use of mixed-methods to evaluate health information technologies. During the course, students will learn the techniques and methods used to design and evaluate a health information system that meets user’s expectations and delivers the intended outcomes. Students will learn to choose the correct design and evaluation methods based on the given problem.

This course provides students the opportunity to work on real-life problems in interprofessional teams. Students will use the Biobehavioral Lab (BBL) in the School of Nursing to run simulated experiments using cutting-edge technologies such as Eye-tracking devices and usability software. Students will learn to create heat maps, qualitative themes, and run quantitative reports (image right).

The course follows a hybrid model to allow students to attend sessions in-person and/or online.

N879 is offered in Fall 2019. A copy of a previous syllabus can be found here: NURS 879 Syllabus_Fall 2018 (Note: Syllabus is subject to change).

For any inquiries, please email the course instructor at